How can I use my own, custom watermark?

1. Create your custom watermark in photo-editing software, such as Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements with a transparent background as explained here.

2. Once you're ready, upload the .PNG file to one of your galleries. I would recommend creating an unlisted gallery and keeping all your watermarks there. 

3. As soon as the file is uploaded, go to your Account Settings > Business > Branding > Watermark > Manage section. You can access that section via the SELLING TOOLS > Branding option as well. 


Account Settings > Business > Branding

4. Click the CREATE button.  

5. Add a title, select the smallest display size you would like to apply the watermark to and adjust the fading value (if you would like it to fade). 

6. Click the CREATE button. The watermark is then created and you can go back, open your gallery and select the watermark from the drop down list in the gallery settings. 


- If you have photos in the gallery and you used a different watermark before to watermark them (for example you used the default "proof" watermark, but decide to use your logo from now on), checking the box "Watermark all photos in this gallery?" will not change the watermark. You will need to select the new watermark in the Organizer.

- This setting will control the "yet to be uploaded" images, so once you selected a different watermark in the gallery settings, that selected watermark will apply automatically to the photos during the upload. 

- If you make changes to the watermark settings in the Branding section later on, that change will not affect the already watermarked images. You'll need to re-apply the watermark via the Organizer. For example: you decide to change the display size or fading value in the Branding section, that change will not show unless you re-apply the watermark. 

- All in all: use the Gallery Settings > PHOTO PROTECTION section for the "yet to be uploaded" images and change the watermark via the Organizer > Wrench icon > Watermarks to avoid any issues later on. 

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