How to show the profile information?

SmugMug recently changed the Profile content block, as it should be a place for a quick blurb about you, not a place to put paragraphs of text. For those, you have the Single photo content block and the Text content block, which even allows you to add links easily to the description. In my tutorial, I will explain how to remove your Profile content block, then add a Single photo and a Text content block instead.

There are a few things to keep in mind to avoid confusion: 

- If you would like to show your profile picture and a cover photo together with a short description about yourself, you can still use the Profile content block

- If you are after creating an About me page, this tutorial is not for you. There is a great help page that explains how you can create and customise pages, here

- This tutorial is for those who have long profile descriptions which don't fit the Profile content block and want to display the entire description in full length.

Step 1: Copy the text from your Profile

You will probably want to copy/paste your Profile description from your Profile, so first, open your Profile and copy the text from there. 

Step 2: Remove the Profile content block

Go to the page on which you have your Profile content block and click on Customize > Content and Design. 

Typically, the Profile content block is located on the Homepage, so you should see this: 

To remove the Profile content block, first hover your mouse over the block and click on the trash icon: 

Step 3: Add a Single photo content block

You can place content blocks on your site if you simply drag&drop them where you want! 

Select the photo you want to display in the Single photo content block and don't panic, if you see the photo in a really large size, you can adjust that later, when the Text content block is added! 

Step 4: Add a Text content block 

Basically, you need to repeat the same steps as with the Single photo content block, except you'll need to drag&drop the Text content block.

It's time to paste your copied text - please keep in mind, the format will not be the same as originally in the Profile description, you'll need to recreate the links, etc. 

Step 5: Adjust width and publish the change

Untitled photo

Your photo is pretty big at this point, so it is time to adjust the size! 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
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