What are photo extras?

Photo extras are available via Bay Photo. They may include back mounts, textures, coatings and frames. These add-ons are not available for all print sizes and the options may differ from size to size. So you may add mounts and coatings, but not frames, etc. If photo extras are available for a certain print size, you will see this in the cart: 

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While photo extras show for the 4x6 and  8x12 print sizes I took as examples, the variety of add-ons differs, once you click on the +FINISHING OPTIONS button. While framing is available for the 8x12, that option is not available for the 4x6 print size. You will need to add the preferred print size to the cart and check which finishing options you can add. 


Mountings help to avoid warping over time. 


A rigid black foamboard to add durability and prevent warping and damage. Note: Gatorfoam is slightly thicker and lighter in weight than the Styrene backing.


2mm Styrene Styrene is a super smooth plastic mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for adding durability to prints of all sizes, and providing rigidity to prints that will be framed. Comes in black or white


An elegant alternative to traditional photo mounting, this heavy weight board is substantial enough to stand on its own, making it perfect for gift giving or displaying on an easel. Also suitable for framing. Available with Gold, Silver, or Black edges.


Prints are mounted on a block with thick black edges, letting your photo stand off the wall. Pre-drilled holes are included on the back for easy hanging. It is also a very light mounting.


Textures can be pressed into prints of all surfaces to add a classic fine-art look to your image. 


Coatings fight against scratches and other surface damage, while enhancing the appearance. You can select from Lustre or Satin. 


Mats give the photo a clean, professional finish. They come in 1.5" size and are available in three colors: Black, White and Off-White.

Framed prints arrive ready to display with hardware attached and clear, shatterproof acrylic front.

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Click on the thumbnails to see which photo extras are available for a certain print size.

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