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Winter Wonderland in Amsterdam 

December, 2017

Discovering more of Amsterdam

October, 2017

No matter what, Amsterdam is beautiful - if the Sun is out, the atmosphere is giddy and playful and when it rains, it turns into a mysteriously romantic jewel box. I personally love the area Jordaan and Grachtengordel, so I collected some of my recent photos for you, here:

FOM 2017 [Het Scheepvaartmuseum]

September, 2017

One of my favourite assignments of the year is being the house photographer of the Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) conference organised by Converge/Arrow Electronics. A different location is picked every year, like Hermitage (2015), Bimhuis (2016) and Scheepvaartmuseum this year. I'm proud to be asked to photograph this great event three times in a row. More info/photos about previous events are here: https://www.converge.com/news-events/events/fom/

Some of my photos from earlier events are used in the video below. 

Future of Obsolescence Management Conference (FOM 2017), Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

The Californian Dream - Spending a Week in San Diego

August, 2017

I Found a Hidden Treasure of Blossoming Cherry Trees in Hungary

April, 2017

"Photographer Captures Gorgeous Sea of Dutch Tulip Fields in Full Bloom" 

April, 2017

You can check out the article on My Modern Met 

An Australian Site "Elsewhere" Published My Dutch Tulip Field Series 

March, 2017

You can view the post here

The Beautiful Highgate Cemetery (West) in London

March, 2017

I had been planning to visit the West side of Highgate Cemetery in London for quite a while and was lucky enough to find an empty spot for a guided tour today. Unfortunately only those tours are available, as the cemetery is so old, it's become dangerous - you can't just wander around the Victorian graves yourself. While I had a very limited time to take pictures and most of them were taken in a rush, I managed to capture the heart of the cemetery, an ancient cedar tree planted on the top of a circle of tombs. Some people hate cemeteries, but I'm fond of them. Their tranquil beauty reminds me of how fragile life really is.

New Posts on Bored Panda

March, 2017

Light Festival during Daylight

March, 2017

Every year, there's a light festival in Amsterdam. Last year I took photos of the installation "Lace", while waiting for the blue hour (and during the blue hour of course). It's interesting to see how the atmosphere changes in different light conditions.  

Easy access to all Amsterdam galleries! 

February, 2017

I finally put myself together and organised all Amsterdam galleries under the same folder which can be accessed both from the Menu > Photos > Amsterdam or simply by  >> clicking here <<

Here are my personal favourites:

Check out my blog on Bored Panda

February, 2017

I decided to collect my best photo series on Bored Panda, so when we had a snowfall (pretty much the only one this winter) in Amsterdam, I ran out like crazy and took some photos. I judged those photos good enough to show the world and by the look of it, others agreed. Bored Panda informed me about having almost 4000 viewers on that series, so would you have any interest in my best shots, head over to my Bored Panda blog

So far, there's only one post, "I Photographed Amsterdam Looking Like A Fairy Tale After A Snowfall" , but I plan adding more and will keep you posted here. 

Foggy February

February, 2017

Amsterdam looks beautiful even, when it's foggy. It wears a melancholic, dull and grey coat, but even that suits this city. For more photos, click on the image or this link.

It's Raining in De Rijp...

January, 2017

One of my all time favourite little villages is De Rijp in the North, not that far from Amsterdam. 

De Rijp

Fun Fact!

January, 2017

Different instagrammers with over 40k+ followers shared my pictures. It's interesting to see how the number of likes differ for the same photos, only shared by different channels! 

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