2016 - Beabird Fotó

It's Super Cold and Foggy in Amsterdam!

December, 2016

I went for a walk and came back with frozen hands! Yet, it was worth it, Amsterdam is beautiful despite of the unfriendly weather. For more photos, click here or on the picture itself.

The Amsterdam Light Festival

December, 2016

Amsterdam found the way to soften the edges during winter by organizing The Amsterdam Light Festival. It started a few years ago with only a couple of installations and within those years, the festival grew itself into a fully commercial event. While I love the installations and I think the festival is a brilliant, beautiful idea - it's definitely done in the Dutch way, by selling everything possible around it. You can go on boat tours, walking tours, guided photo walks, dressed up as a Christmas tree, etc. While I was taking this photo of The Lace by Choi + Shine Architects, the Herengracht was full of people. I had difficulty even accessing the installations, as people kicked my tripod, bumped into me, so I decided to go back later. I planned the shoot by going there around 17:30, taking advantage of the blue hour, but that was pretty much the starting time for many walking tours as well... 

Photographing the Gothic Zichy-Chapel in the Blue Hour

December, 2016

My favourite place to photograph while I'm in Hungary is definitely this little chapel in Lórév, the Csepel-Island. Its architecture and the careful planning of positioning the building never seize to amaze me: it is facing West, so the last rays of the sun light up the cross on the top. As the building itself is not lit during the night, I decided to run around it with a torch while a set my camera on a long exposure. I recorded a video of myself during this fun process, so you can have an idea about the atmosphere. 

A bit of history: the chapel was built in 1859 by the orders of emperor I. Francis Joseph. It stands right where count Ödön Zichy was executed by Arthúr Görgey on September 30th, 1848, as Zichy was considered to be a royalist in time of the Hungarian revolution. The place itself is a floodplain, so they built a mound first to avoid high waters reaching the gate. Even during the great 2013 flood, the chapel stood strong above the water, being more or less the only building visible above water at that time. 

A Hungarian Wine Expert Living in London: Orsi Szentkirályi
December, 2016

It's always nice, when my photos are used for articles! Unfortunately, it is in Hungarian, which really is a pity as it is a very interesting one! You can read the article either by clicking on the photo or >>here<<

Colourful and Gloomy Amsterdam

November, 2016

Check out the photos I took around Prinsengracht, during a light rain shower that gifted me with a beautiful double rainbow! 

My Photos Will Be Used by Bimhuis - Happy! 

October, 2016

Every time I shoot an event, I always check out the location and possibly meet the lighting / stage technicians to discuss the venue. It was the case before shooting the FOM conference in Bimhuis as well. I was pleasantly surprised when the venue manager approached me, saying she checked out my website and they would be interested in me shooting a couple of images specifically for them, for marketing purposes. The will use the images on their website, Facebook, paper material and other sites like Locaties.nl, eventplanner.nl.). I happily did it and just closed the deal selling the commercial rights for the photos. I cannot share them here, but I hope I can bring some links later on! 

Discovering Instagram

October, 2016

This month I discovered how cool Instagram is! I am regularly posting new photos of Amsterdam there, so if you are on it and you are interested in my photos, follow me ;) I also upload all those Instagram photos to the Amsterdam gallery.

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Adding to the Portfolio: Weddings

October, 2016

I was asked by three couples to shoot their weddings this year. While I am not a wedding photographer, I am always up for a challenge and took the assignments. Weddings are a bit like events, with a difference that the pressure is bigger, as there are moments which are not caught on time are gone, forever. All three clients were really happy with their pictures, which was a great feeling, although I think wedding photography is not my cup of tea.  

The Joy of Having Happy Clients: Converge

September, 2016

I am really happy to work with Converge and the feeling seems to be rather mutual, because this year they asked me to shoot the official Converge headshots of the employees, accompany them with my camera on a boat trip and be their house photographer of their annual event, FOM 2016. Last year, the same conference was held in Hermitage, Amsterdam, this year they rented out Bimhuis. More than 200 people were attending the conference at this beautiful location and Converge is using the photos to market the event in their newsletter, social media and leaflets. It was fun to pick up one of the leaflets at the event and see my photos printed. What a great feeling! 

Photographing a King

February, 2016

I was asked to be the house photographer during the visit of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium in the Arrow Value Recovery facility in Mechelen, organised by the non-profit organisation, Close the Gap. The occasion was to celebrate the refurbishment of the 500,000th donated computer at the facility. Close the Gap coordinates getting refurbished computers to those parts of the world, where they are most needed, particularly in developing countries . They also install them and provide on-site training. Arrow Value Recovery facility in Mechelen is where those computers are tested, any remaining data is securely removed from the hard drives and the equipments are prepared for transport.

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