Help the doggies! - Beabird Fotó

I decided to adopt a dog. She's a 1.5 years old girl, who was found in the mountains of Cyprus and has been living her life in a shelter for over a year. She arrived to NL a couple of weeks ago - found her on . I visited her in Friesland was love at first sight. She's such a delicate, sweet dog, scared of people (no wonder). The organisation will send someone to check out my apartment and meet me, before approving the adoption, which I find really impressive. I love that they don't just give away the animals, but make sure they get to the right place. The lady who is fostering her at the moment takes care of four another poor souls, one has cancer and over 10 years old. She's dedicated to rescue animals and could use any help, even she's never asked for it. Next time when I bring Lepke home, I'll take some food to help her out. If you feel like chipping in (only with 5 EUR) I can take more food and perhaps some toys to the doggies to make their lives a little bit more bearable.

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