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#creativityovercovidity #strongertogether #beabird


COVID is going strong, but so are we! Hereby I'm offering you to colour your anxiety or/and boredom away! I am going to send my artwork called "The Alien Candy Shop" for YOU to translate it into YOUR own inner world's visual language...show me how you feel and who you are! 

If you register below, I'll post you an A4 sized artwork completely free of charge - all I ask you is to sign up for this challenge responsibly, meaning, only register if you actually plan to proceed, then take a photo of your creation and share it with me  on my Facebook page or send me a snapshot in any other way.

The artwork is printed on 200 gr Daler Rowney Fine Grain - Heavyweight paper, so you can use any medium you like: watercolour, crayon, pencil, pen, ink, whatnot!

It does not matter which part of the planet you are located at, I will post it no matter what :)

Quite needless to say that I won't use your address for anything else, I mean, this whole idea came up just to have fun with friends!! 

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