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Photographing the Belgian King's Visit to Arrow

"I was impressed by your approach and commitment to the assignment. You focused your energy towards the work but did not let anxiety get in the way. I appreciate that in people I work with."

- Joe Verrengia
Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Arrow

Future of Obsolescence Management Conference in Bimhuis (2016)

“We have been delighted to work with Bea on several occasions over the last few years and each time we’ve found her work to be of superb quality. Organised and unobtrusive, we hardly noticed Bea at our events but from the photographs we received afterwards she had clearly been everywhere! Creative and interesting photos bring our events to life and help us to communicate to industry very effectively – Bea provides us with this, time after time”

- Rob Picken EMEA Director - FOM

Family Portrait

"Just saw the photos, love them so much!!! There is so much light and happiness in them, you've done amazing! Looking at them brings me to tears. Thank you so much!" 

- Femke den Boon, Amsterdam

Photographing the New Iamsterdam Visitor Centre

I amsterdam Visitor Centre

"We aproached Bea for a last minute job. We were very pleased she wanted to do it. During the process we found that her speed and flexibility did not the least influence the quality of her work. She's got high standards when it comes to quality! The results are amazing and we're very pleased with it! "

- Esther Nelsey 
Amsterdam Marketing, i amsterdam

FOM Conference in Hermitage, Amsterdam (2015)

Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) 2015 by Converge in Hermitage Amsterdam

"Just wanted to say that you did an absolutely tremendous job with the photos. Puts a smile on people’s faces. You have a really great eye for these things and I am very happy that you were there to capture the day. It was a big moment for our team and there was a lot of pressure around the event for that reason. You made our guests, speakers and the VIPs from our mother company all feel at ease and we have received many compliments as to how you conducted yourself during the day. Unobtrusive, yet able to capture the spirit of the event."

- Enda Ruddy
Global Director Converge

"Bea was the photographer for a corporate conference that I organized in September 2015 in Amsterdam and I am very happy with her work. She took time and care into investigating the essence of the project and into identifying our exact needs. She approached everything with lots of professionalism and the final photos were all great. I would definitely contact her again if I need photography services."

- Stanislava Petrova
Converge Netherlands B.V.

"Bea was the photographer for an Converge event we organized. I loved her attitude and positivity, she look in detail and she was absolutely professional. Working with her was a pleasure. She did a great job."

- Noemi Vez
Converge Netherlands B.V.

Photographing Bonemachine's Gigs

"Bea Nagy is an very talented and versatile artist with an incredible eye for detail, a perfectionist pur-sang. I love all her work!"

- Niels Hoppe, guitar player
Milky Way Gas Station, Bonemachine

"Eye for details, very creative, passionated and very dedicated. It's always a great pleasure having you around. We love your work and all the efforts that you put into promoting the bunch of musicians that we call Bonemachine. We would recommend everyone who needs quality input for promotional end to ask for your support. "

- Hans Esser, bass guitar
Sjans, Spijkerblues, Bonemachine

"A big appreciation to Bea for her expertise, her keen eye and the essence of what she captures through her camera lens, I am always pleasantly surprised and intrigued while viewing the work she shares. Looking forward to viewing what the future brings through your keen eye."

- Kevin Burns, singer, guitar player
BluesFellas, Bonemachine

Family Portrait

"Extremely talented professional photographer, artist. Doesn't matter if the picture is about a dog, or taken of a city, old buildings, landscapes, all have been worked out with perfectionism!"

- Zsuzsa Toronyi
 family portrait

Family Portrait

"Very talented photographer who is able to magically connect with people she is taking photos of and capture their personality by taking time to make them comfortable and just having fun. If you want a picture that will stand the test of time look no further. "

- Hajnalka Tömő
family portrait

Barbara Lengyel

"I love your pictures!!"



Kriszta Erdélyi

"Extremely talented and creative mind, sensitivity and professionalism."



René Blits

"Enjoyed very much the whole Journal. In particular the more serene landscape pictures, the abstractions from reality and the documentary about the sad dead pig."



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