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FOM (Future of Obsolescence Management) is a conference organised by Converge, a premier global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies. Last year was the first time the conference was held, back then in Hermitage Amsterdam. This year, the location changed to Bimhuis, which place is dear to my heart as I have been attending concerts and music venues over the years. It was a successful event with more than 250 attendees and the organisation was superb. 

September, 2016

Click here to visit the gallery of FOM 2016 in Bimhuis 
Click here to view photos from FOM 2015 in Hermitage 

Close the Gap and Arrow Value Recovery welcomed His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium to celebrate an important milestone: the refurbishment of the 500,000th donated computer at Arrow Value Recovery`s Mechelen facility. I was the house photographer, documenting the event. If you would like to read the articles, just click on the images. 

February, 2016

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Future of Obsolescence Management 2015 Conference organised by Converge in Hermitage Amsterdam Museum

September, 2015

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